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List of Music Venues in Marrickville

Here is a list of some of our favourite venues in Marrickville.

I know anyone who comes to Sydney wants to just go about in the city, but I highly recommend any tourist coming to Sydney to check out the Inner West. Not only for good music, but there are some real good (and usually affordable) restaurants around as well.


Talk about carbs on carbs, these people have the best potato pizza evah. I know this post is meant to be about live music but I love me some food. There are two levels to this place, both can be used for live music. They have jazz jam nights, originals nights, Brazilian nights, big band nights, Salsa, funk... There's a lot. Monstress actually launched their debut EP there.

Here are some photos from the EP launch:

This is a post from a recent show where we supported Sunset Place.

Follow them on Instagram and Facebook to see what's happening. Abby our drummer usually plays the jam nights on Thursdays from 11 till late.


Just down the road from Lazybones and near the best hot chips you'll get in Marrickville - I'm talking Victoria Yeeros on the corner - there's the Gaso.

This place is amazing. They are incredibly supportive of emerging artists. You'll get to hear old sounds, new sounds, all sounds. Also, if you don't want hot chippies, they have these amazing bowels filled with all this lovely food stuff. I don't know where to begin. Oh oh oh! They also stock a bunch of local craft beer like Yulli's, The Grifter, Young Henry's, and more. It changes all the time.

Here is a link to their website but I recommend following them on Facebook or Instagram to see what's on.

Monstress played one of their first shows there, ACTUALLY, their second EVAH performance was at the Gasoline Pony.

They also provide you with some delightful memes on their insta page.


Vic on the park provide the goods. Pizza, beer, and free entry to see live music.

We were lucky enough to support Cosy Bosom earlier this year. There are so many different sections too. They do gigs outside, have a basketball court, have some of the best chips. Not as good as Yerros up the road, sorry, nothing can compare.


This place is great, and I cannot believe it took me so long to find it. We were about to support Fergus Bailey and The Teeth when unfortunately we had to pull out as one of our band members was ill.

I do highly recommend this venue, and I hope we can play there in the future.


We have not performed here yet but boy are we keen to.

This is on their about page:

"The Red Rattler is a queer-run creative playground that is ethical, sustainable and community owned. We are not-for-profit and volunteer-driven, ensuring continued inclusive and affordable access for a diverse range of communities and creators."

What's not to love?


I had driven past this place so many times and not known it was a music venue. It’s HUGE. So many levels and stages, such a good vibe. There’s always heaps happening. They even have a regular event called ‘The Camelrat Club’, a life-drawing session with live music playing in the background. Yes, there is a nudist. Yes, this is the perfect first, second, a millionth date.

Zela Margossian played there, so you know the place got taste.


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